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Buying Real Estate in Valencia? It's easy with us!

Our team is ideally placed to help you as you embark on your journey towards earning passive income through real estate investment in properties in Valencia. We have extensive knowledge and experience in real estate and investment management, and, with some of our team being native speakers with roots in Spain itself, we can help you navigate the local conditions and culture. Furthermore, our substantial network of contacts means that we can also support you with any questions you might have that are outside our immediate area of expertise.

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Sustainability comes before speculation

We do not believe in speculative investment projects. Our goal is to help you make the best passive income investments, so that your new property quickly yields satisfactory results. This is why we encourage our clients to invest in real estate in Valencia, where the market has been in a steady upward trend for years, allowing you to achieve sustainable and above-average returns.

Valencia – an up-and-coming location

Valencia is one of the top three export regions in Spain thanks to its key position between Europe and Latin America. The combination of students, tourists and locals in the city makes it possible to choose the most profitable rental strategy and adapt it flexibly to changing circumstances. With around 850,000 inhabitants (and counting), Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and an important business location in Europe.

Step by step to Real Estate - this is our work process:


Goal-setting and preparation

Together with you we define the investment goal and its criteria. We’ll start our journey together by defining your investment goal and its criteria. We help you to collect the necessary documents, search, analyze and select the right real estate, and prepare the investment and financing calculation.


Purchase process and coordination

We are at your side with advice and action throughout the entire process, supporting you in the decision-making process and when inspecting the property. We also coordinate all parties involved, such as the lawyer, the bank and the broker.


Return and Investment Management

Once the purchase is complete, most of your job is done. We oversee your investment and coordinate the tenant management while you sit back, relax, and let the tenant pay off the property!

Non-binding initial consultation

Just talk to us - we are happy to meet you!

Before we start working together, it's vital that we establish a bond of trust between you as the investor and us as your real estate investment advisor. So arrange an initial non-binding consultation with us today!

Our recipe for success

Invest with experienced professionals:

Our VLC team consists of qualified investors and consultants who bring to the table their many years of experience in the real estate and investment sector.

Let the tenant pay off your property:

With a smart real estate investment, there will be enough left over from the rental income to pay off your mortgage after all costs have been deducted. Thus, your tenant indirectly pays off your property.

No market entry barriers:

You don't speak Spanish and don't know anyone locally? No problem. We speak German, English and Spanish. We know the culture, the region, and the right people on site to pull off your investments without a hitch.

Your central contact person:

Investing in real estate is usually a complex undertaking with many factors and stakeholders needing to be coordinated. We are your direct contact and take over the coordination and realisation of the project for you, liaising between you and all the other people involved.


In order for an investment project to make long-term profits, it requires constant supervision. Luckily for you, our service goes far beyond merely the purchase and furnishing of your property. We will be happy to remain your central contact in the long term and manage your property according to your wishes.

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