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Are you looking for an attractive real estate investment or a holiday house in Spain?

We accompany and advise you in the purchase, sale and rental of Spanish real estate.

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Your profit is our top priority

As an investment advisor, we are entirely on your side. Your satisfaction and your profit are our top priority. We want to make it easier and safer for you to generate passive income with real estate investments and therefore negotiate in your best interest. We are consultants rather than and not real estate agents, meaning that our fee is determined in advance and not related to the property’s purchase price.

We support you with your investment in real estate

Our team is made up of experts in return-optimized real estate investments, with a focus on foreign real estate in Valencia, Spain. We advise and support you as an investor in every step of the journey. From the first consultation about your individual goal, through the analysis and selection of the right property, and the coordination and organisation of the purchase process, to the tenant management itself.

Why Real Estate?

More Security

Real estate offers you the opportunity to invest your money safely. Compared to the stock market, real estate is much more stable in value, especially in larger cities like Valencia

Small Effort

Save yourself the effort and simply outsource the tenant search and administration of the apartment

Attractive Market

Real estate, especially in Valencia, Spain, is a particularly attractive investment. This is due to comparatively high rents, low purchase prices and low operating costs for the owner

Passive Income

Let your tenant pay off your property, increase your return on equity and secure long-term passive income

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(25-Year Mortgage)

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Acquisition and Renovation Costs

Investment Volume

Equity Required



Operating and Maintenance Costs


Interest Expenses



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You shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket in the real estate market - not even in Germany.

Because large investment funds and everyone else have invested so heavily in German real estate, the market has overheated. Therefore, especially in the big cities, there’s not much guarantee that your investment will yield good returns. Furthermore, strict regulations, such as rent control or demands for expropriation, can hit owners hard.


High purchase prices, maintenance, and operating costs in Germany result in such high costs on the part of the investor that a profit can often only be achieved after about 40-50 years.


In the above example, this means that you will not receive passive income and start to profit from your investment until your property in Germany has been paid off in 50 years.


So instead of sinking money into German properties that will take 50 years to show results, why not invest in locations that will more quickly and easily generate profits and passive income for you?

Valencia is the insider tip among real estate locations

Valencia as a stable and steadily growing location is ideal for a sustainable, profitable real estate investment. Spain’s lower operating and maintenance costs also ensure not only that the entire property is paid off in 15-25 years, but that your investment will start yielding a return from the start. In other words: you receive passive income from day one, enabling you to more quickly build up equity for new investments.

At VLC Real Estate Invest, we help you invest smartly, create assets, and make yourself financially independent. Right from the start.

We accompany you on your way to financial independence:



Together with you we define your individual investment goal



With a detailed investment calculation, we analyze the return and risk of potential purchase objects



We keep track of everything for you and support you throughout the entire process



After the purchase, we continue to take care of the maintenance and rental management of your property

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